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Meera Syal (Comedian, Actress, Writer) : ““Films are a brilliant way of telling stories, expressing yourself and highlighting the issues that affect us all.  Limelight Film Awards will offer recognition and a platform to film makers. I wish Limelight and all the film makers taking part all the best for the future”

Konnie Huq (Xtra Factor, Blue Peter, Limelight 2008 host) :“I know how hard it is to get a break in the arts and this night gives the great talent that is out there in Tower Hamlets the opportunity to rise up and shine through”

Nurull Islam (Project Manager at Mile End Community Project, 2012 Film of the Night Winners) : " We are absolutely ecstatic to have won.  Limelight Film Awards has shown us that real opportunities exist, which means a lot to our young film makers especially in a challenging area of Tower Hamlets.” 

Shaun Williamson (Actor - EastEnders, Extras) : "Terrific films were entered this year and it’s great to be part of it. It’s getting bigger and better all the time and gives a voice to the filmmakers of tomorrow.”

Kat (Choice FM, MTV, Limelight 2010, 2011 and 2012 host) : “It was an awesome night with everyone friendly and rightfully has a lot of backing. This is the foundation for bigger things and I expect Cannes to come knocking at the door soon. It gives people a chance which would not usually be given so I salute Limelight and love it like cooked food”

Mark One (BAFTA Award Winning Filmmaker) - “Without these type of awards we will just never see talent emerge and become world leaders in our industry”

Ace Bhatti (Actor - EastEnders) : “What I love about this film awards is that it’s a picture of Britain today. It’s a great mix of people and is the Britain that I understand and grew up in.”

Robert Cavanah (Actor/Director - Pimp, Lara Croft 2) : “Its a nice opportunity to have a thumbs up to filmmakers efforts and endeavours”

Ben Peters (Music Video Director - N Dubz, Tulisa, Alexandra Burke) : “Great platform for new talents to emerge and show skills.”

Femi Oyeniran (Actor - Kidulthood, Adulthood) : “As a young actor myself I understand how difficult it is to break in to the industry on both sides and Limelight is a great way to do just that”

Aradhana Taya (BBC Shorts, Limelight 2011 and 2012 Judge) : “Anyone can make a film so its a lot harder to get them out there so you need successors and recognition from awards like Limelight.”

Ameet Chana (Actor - Bend it like Beckham, Eastenders and Limelight 2009 host) :Limelight is very important in giving a platform to young filmmakers and really helps people express themselves, giving avenues for the future. This is something I aspire to and would look to showcase stuff which I would like to make.”

Martin Gooch (Writer/Director, Limelight 2010 and 2011 judge) : “Creativity is the most important thing that was ever invented and after watching all these films I know that thankfully creativity isn’t dead”

Jessica Ashman (Limelight 2011 Film of the Night Winner) : “I’m overwhelmed and this is completely unexpected. This feels amazing and it’s great to get recognition and validation. Thank you very much Limelight!"

Peter Hewitt (Senior Lecturer at London Metropolitan University, Limelight 2011 and 2012 Judge) : “It gives people the opportunity to get their films out there and let them be seen. They then feel like they are getting rewarded for the immense strain of making them in the first place”

2 'n a Half Men (Dance Group - Britain's Got Talent and Limelight 2011 performer) : “A event filled with fun and laughter, a room filled with upcoming creative talent, an opportunity that gives great inspiration.  Limelight film awards, a night never to forget!"

Michael O’Kelly (Limelight 2010 Film of the Night Winner) :   "Events like this gives filmmakers space to develop and without them the film industry in Britain would be completely dead. Limelight has been fantastic for us and we admire the whole thing and the night has the right mixture of classy and promotion to people who deserve to be promoted”

Steve Looker (Limelight 2009 Film of the Night Winner) : “Thanks to everyone at Limelight it has been an emotional journey and this is a great reward”

Davey Jones  (Writer - Shameless, Doctors) : “ I would like to really thank Limelight for the support they continue to offer filmmakers particularly in the current climate and for providing a platform to get so many wonderful and creative films out there for people to see”

Peridot  (Dance Group - Britain’s Got Talent and Limelight 2010 performers) : “ It helps to put acts on a platform and events like this are very important as it puts people on the scale to push themselves out there by doing positive and creative things”

David Hewitt (Winner Best Experimental 2012) : “The whole show that Limelight have put on and the respect they have filmmakers I love it and thank you very much because as filmmakers we need it”

Renako McDonald (Dancer - Part of Alleviate from Got To Dance and Limelight 2012 Performer) : “It’s a great thing to do as there is so much talent out there but some people just need an opportunity.”

Asad Shan (Actor/Director - 7 Welcome to London) : “I’m happy that Limelight is doing great work utilising the talent that we have and giving them a platform and opportunity to be seen”

Zoe Jackson (Founder of Dance Group Living The Dream - Limelight 2012 Performers) : “I think it’s an amazing platform for emerging talent to show their work and have the confidence and support to do what they want to do.”

Luc Skyz (Rapper - Limelight 2012 Performer) : “It is great to see something that is built with a real community focus base and has been building getting bigger and bigger.”

Eve-Yasmine Saoud-Easton (Superstar Magazine, Britain’s Next Top Model ) : “Finding opportunities when you are young has so many restrictions and to see an event like this offering them is brilliant"

The Crystals (Crystal Palace FC cheerleaders - Limelight 2011 performer) : “Great event which we really enjoyed and were delighted to have performed at"

Leonard Foster (Flavour Magazine Publisher) : “Sometimes people dont’t appreciate what is shown on the screen and Limelight really helps do that”

Gemma Mewse (Singer - Limelight 2010 performers) : “Amazing opportunity for up and coming talent. It’s another  pathway into and industry which is hard to get into. Inspirational!”

Maysoon (Big Brother) : "All the nominations are worthy winners ”

Jaya (Universal Music Singer) : “Events like this give me great inspiration for my own music videos and songs”

A-Dash (Rapper - Limelight 2010 performer) : “It has a great vibe and atmosphere. I love it and don’t want to go home”