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limelight FILM AWARDS 2008

The first ever Limelight Film and Arts Awards kicked off with a bang at the East Wintergarden in Canary Wharf on January 17th 2008. The event itself was presented by Blue Peter star Konnie Huq in front of an audience of 100s. There was a diverse lineup of performers and singers including Singing sensation Cherry Lee, Rapper Benny Bizzle, Art Performer Shahanara Begum and singers Atkar Hussain and Michael Pemberton. The school winners Morpeth School and Sir John Cass / Clair Pollard gained a limousine ride home as well as one of the celebrated awards. The first winner of the film of night award along with a £5,000 production prize was won by Vanness Caswill for her film Pudding Bowl which also won Best Visual.

Below are the full list of winners and nominations for 2008 with winners highlighted in blue.

Catergory                                        Filmmaker                                                   Title

ANIMATION                                    Katherine Janes                                   A Study Of Human Relationship 
                                                         Benjamin Mayzys                                London After The Rain
                                                         Anne Wilkins                                       Sun In The Night Time
                                                         Wallace McDougall                             It's So Easy

COMEDY                                         Daniel Johnson                                  Discobobulation
                                                          Serdar Ferit                                        Elevator Music
                                                          Andy Kelleher                                     Best Shot
                                                          Daniel Quiones / Jesse Quinones     Cold Calling

SCI-FI / HORROR                           Matthew Platts Mills                          8 Bit
                                                          Paul Jackson                                    Freaked Out
                                                          Sam Smith                                        03.23.27

                                            Akram Hassan                                  Bereft of Colours
                                                          Matthew Platts Mills                          647 Days
                                                          Uriel Emil                                         Slap
                                                          Vicki Psarias                                    Broken

MUSIC                                              Danann Breathnach                        Dumpweed
                                                          Andy Oates                                      Yapolitical
                                                          Hazan Hashim / Phil Maxwell           East End 1
                                                          Chris Stone                                       Mirage

EXPERIMENTAL                             Rayna Nadeem                                  Tales to Tella
                                                          Sunara Begum                                   Ara's Sojourn
                                                          Stefan Georgion                                 Tiny Dancer
                                                          Phil Maxwell                                        East End 2

DOCUMENTARIES                         Andrew Bradley                                  Who Is Me?
                                                          Rayna Nadeem / Stuart Bamforfth     Tardis
                                                          Ned Coomes / Farad Painchun          Sciaphobia
                                                          Phil Maxwell                                        Toy Making Workshop

PHOTOGRAPHY                              Fokrul Islam                                        Demonstration
                                                           Sunara Begum                                    Ara's Sojourn
                                                           Artje Bormann                                     Peruvian Moments
                                                           Ned Coomes                                       City Farms
                                                           Marian Spiers                                      India
BEST VISUAL                                    Chris Stone                                          Anno Domini
                                                            Vanessa Caswill                                  Pudding Bowl
                                                            Adam Ezagori                                      The Gathered
                                                            Sue Broberg                                        Hand Ball

BEST SCHOOL PRODUCTION               Morpeth School                                   All About My Brother

BEST SCHOOL SCREEN PLAY             Sir John Cass / Claire Pollard               The Queue Goes Down

FILM OF THE NIGHT                             Vanessa Caswill                                  Pudding Bowl