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Limelight's 3rd year turned out to be bigger and better than ever before. With over 175 entries received the competition was very close cut and small margins decided the 12 winners. The event itself was a 2 and half hour spectacle held at Troxy was presented by hilarious MTV and Choice FM presenter Kat and had over 500 guests from the Entertainment industry as well as a red carpet reception. There were also fantastic performances from a number of local stars including Britain’s Got Talent stars Peridot, Lilly Allen style performer Gemma Mewse and rapper A-Dash. Special Guests also included Maysoon (Big Brother), Martin Gooch (Writer, Director), Helen Pearson (Hollyoaks) and Jaya (Singer from Universal Records). ‘The prestigious film of the night award,’ which was £5,000 worth of Production hire for their next production was won by Michael O'Kelly and his team for their film ‘How it’s Done.’

Below are the full list of winners and nominations for 2010 with winners highlighted in blue.

Catergory                                         Filmmaker                                      Title

ANIMATION                                     Emily Howells / Anne Wilkins         A Film About Poo
                                                          Media Box                                       Pariah
                                                          Media Box                                       Kamran's Story
                                                          David L Butler                                 A Natural Kismet Beauty

COMEDY                                          Daniel York                                      Orient
                                                          Daniel Cormack                                Nightwalking
                                                          Joe Myerscough                               Ladders
                                                          Michael O'Kelly                                How It's Done

SCI-FI / HORROR                           Matt Compton                                   Bubbling Under      
                                                          Nitesh Bell-Gorsia / Akash Lockmun   Home Sweet Home
                                                          Kerrine Jenkins                                 Precious
                                                          Media Box                                        Dark Water

DRAMA                                             Nitesh Bell-Gorsia / Akash Lockmun  If Not Now When?
                                                          Garry Moore                                    No Honour No Choice
                                                          Rohan Green                                   Physical Education
                                                          Tresa O' Brien                                 N25

                                                           Gavin Randall (The Monday Club)      Lay Down and Die - The Monday Club
                                                           Chris Stone                                     Wake Down - Weak 13
                                                           Mandeep Jutla                                  I Swear - Shizzio
                                                           Sharaz Ali                                        The Shin Eater - Niraj Chag     

EXPERIMENTAL                            Talent Studio                                     The Bench Diaries
                                                          Omer Kula                                        Confusion is Next
                                                          MashMosh Films                               Friday
                                                          Janita Han                                         Symmetry

DOCUMENTARIES                        Charlotte Mackie                                Falling For Margo
                                                          Victoria Ljeh-Okusanya                       Mix and Match
                                                          Media Box                                         My Life In A Suitcase
                                                          Media Box                                         Im Joanne - This Is Me
BEST VISUAL                                    Edilberto Restino                               A Brunette Kiss   
                                                          Daniel Cormack                                 Amelia and Michael
                                                          Jon Garbett                                       I Luv Matt Johnson
                                                          Rouzie Hassanova                             The Portrait

THRILLER                                          Yvette Farmer                                    Driven
                                                          Mark Kuczewski                                Ready or Not
                                                          Azeem Khan                                      Disorder
                                                          Kuvera and Nelso Sivalingam              Article #38

FREE FALL                                        Hazuan Hashim and Phil Mazwell        Moon Love
                                                          Asha Pindoria                                    Dance Fuizion
                                                          Michael Taylor                                   Milk Watch
                                                          The Noonday Devil                             Gregory Maule
BEST SCHOOL SCREEN PLAY    Tower Hamlets College - Matthew Jones   Speechless
                                                           St Elizabeths School                              Landfill Waste
                                                           Wingfield Buisness & EnterpriseCollege   A Single Trace                  
                                                           Talent Studio                                           Slam Dunk

BEST SCHOOL PRODUCTION      1A Arts etc                                              Generation Change
                                                          Tower Hamlets College - Matthew Jones    Toy Grabbing Machine
                                                           George Green's School                            The Transit
                                                           Katy Ruffy                                               Chucks

FILM OF THE NIGHT                     Michael O'Kelly                                How It's Done